Monday, March 1, 2010

Spiced Cones

3 cups small pinecones NOTE (1)
1 cup white pine bark broken into small pieces
10 anise stars
1 cup broken cinnamon sticks
1/2 cup allspice
1/2 cup cloves
1/2 cup orrisroot
1/4 cup bay leaves broken into pieces
10 drops of oil of cloves (more or less as desired) NOTE (2)
In a small glass jar, place oil on orrisroot. Gently mix. Set aside.
In a large glass or metal container, very gently mix all of the other ingredients together. Add orrisroot. Place in a large glass container that has a tight fitting lid. Store covered for six weeks. You will need to stir the mixture weekly. To stir, lay jar on its side and gently roll back and forth. DO NOT UNCOVER.

To use, place into open containers throughout the house. As with any pot pourrie, heat will enhance the scent. For a stronger scent, put small amounts in open containers over your heat registers.
NOTE: This should not be done if you have children or animals who may have access to this area.

NOTE (1) Use both open and tightly closed pinecones
NOTE (2) Clove oil is very irritating to the skin and should be handled with care and caution

SUGGESTION: To give this potpourri some color, place in the bowl you will ultimately display it in. Gently fold in dried flowers, rose hips or dried orange slices.
NOTE: Dried flowers and rosehips can be added to the original recipe prior to curing. DO NOT add dried fruit prior to curing for six weeks.

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