Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Bathing can be a beautiful ritual with just a small amount of effort. Here are some things to consider...

You don't want to get bored in there after going to so much trouble, put on some music that has meaning to you, bring a magazine with you, or just plan on daydreaming about something, or someone, beautiful.

Choose a scent that you love, or one that has an aromatherapeutic or magickal effect that you would like. Layer it by using bath salts, oils, powders, body lotion and perfume that all match. Fragrance is the most important part of your bath, this should be carefully considered.

Try using scented candles that are in tune with your fragrance theme or magickal goal, turn off the lights, forget the magazine and now is the time to daydream.

Something that you should be aware of... a brandy snifter will float in the water. This not only provides a convenient place to keep your glass, but the hot water will warm your cognac.

When the water begins to cool, get out, or add some more hot water. It's not perfect unless your skin is warm and soft and glowing when you're finished.

Bath Salts will not only soften and scent the water, but if you use enough, you should get a floating effect. If you don't feel this, put more in. If you find your scented salts to be too strong in this instance, mix in some plain epsom salts until the scent is as you like it.

If you use a bath oil, choose one that disperses in the water rather than just laying there on top looking like an oil slick. A milk & honey potion will leave your skin softer than you could believe possible.

Don't use both Bath Salts & Bath Oil, you'll have to choose. The oil will coat your skin and you will lose the detoxifying effects of the salts. I guess this is one of those cases where decadence can be taken too far.

Chocolates are appropriate food to eat while bathing. I don't care what your mother says. As long as you get them in your mouth and not floating around the water, you're ok.

Think about what you're going to do after your bath, before you begin. If you have to go out, this is an excellent way to begin your primping excercises, if you get to stay in, I would suggest clean sheets and a fluffy pillow. Either way,make sure that you have something warm to put on when you get out. There's nothing worse than feeling all warm and dreamy and then realizing that you forgot a towel. Running around the house cold and wet will just defeat the purpose.

Loofahs, scrubbies, pumice, have no place in this ritual, they are far too utilitarian to worry about now. This particular bathing experience is for soothing your body, soul and your mind.

A bit about bubbles. Bubble bath is usually fairly harsh and not necessarily good for your skin. Recent reports are that it can cause problems for women by stripping the natural PH balance. They're ok, but they're not THAT much fun. And I loose my rubber ducky in them and that's upsetting. I'm always trying new bubble bath formulas, but until I find one that has some added benefit and is not a detriment, I won't produce it.

Breath deeply and visualize your goal.

"There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them."--Sylvia Plath

"Goddess in Modern Art" graciously done by Eliza who has a beautiful site at http://www.sacredspiral.com

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