Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flower Serving Platter


natural paper
solid paper (optional)
leaves or pressed flowers
masking tape or painter's tape
11"x14" or 12"x16" wooden picture frame (with a fairly deep border)
two handle-type drawer pulls and associated hardware

1. Remove the backing and glass from the frame

2. With the pencil and the ruler, mark where the drawer pull handles will be placed on each short side of the wooden frame. Drill and install the drawer handles. Place a wood block under the frame, if desired, to protect the work surface.

3. Cut a piece of the natural paper to fit on the frame backing and place on top. If the paper is sheer, use masking tape or painter's tape to attach a piece of colored paper to the backing, underneath the natural paper.

4. Place greens or flowers on top of the natural paper. You want whatever you're using here to be relatively flat, so keep that in mind when selecting the plants. Use a glue stick to secure the plants, if necessary. Put the glass from the frame on top, sandwiching the plant material.

5. Carefully place the decorated backing and glass back into the frame and secure.

6. Optional: You can make other styles of trays using candy wrappers or other images instead of the leaves and flowers.

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